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Partake In The Revolutionary Journey Crowdfunder!

Join us on this revolutionary journey to produce a documentary exploring the five-year trajectory of the Blacks Can’t Swim campaign, evaluating its impact on the current status of diversity in aquatic.

By assessing progress or regress over the past five years, this documentary aims to gather valuable insights that will guide our actions and strategies for the next five years.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign to be part of this impactful initiative shaping a more inclusive future in aquatics.



@ed_accura is hosts the podcast 'Why We Don't Talk About SWIM', exploring why more #PeopleofColour don't swim in the #UK
And now he's making a documentary,
'Changing the Narrative':

#PoC @SRTRC_England #EDI #sport #swimming

Giving a massive shout out this afternoon to Anthony Parris 👊🏾, who first introduced us to the amazing and incredibly talented Rhianna Parris-Smith 🚴🏽‍♀️ .

Congratulations Rhianna on your recent Gold Medal. You Star ⭐️ 🥇 🚴🏽‍♀️🇬🇧

It's critical to venture off this beaten path and do something different, as doing the same thing continuously leads to the same tired outcome.

This documentary aims to Change the Narrative and bring the world of swimming directly into our homes.

Come along with us on this…


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