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Ed Accura is a multifaceted British artist known for his contributions to using various media to highlight the issue of diversity in the aquatics sector. As a songwriter, producer, and filmmaker, he has made significant strides in addressing important issues while inspiring change through his creative endeavours.

Through his pioneering initiatives, particularly in creating the impactful “Blacks Can’t Swim” film documentaries and co-founding the Black Swimming Association (BSA), Ed has been a driving force in promoting water safety and inclusivity within aquatic activities, shaping a narrative of transformation and empowerment.

Early Life and Music Career:

Born in London and later raised in the UK and Ghana, Ed’s musical journey began in the ’90s, where his artistry evolved from producing experimental avant-garde to hip-hop sounds. Co-founding the UK hip-hop crew, 617, and launching Accura Records, he showcased his versatility across music genres. In 2010, Ed transitioned his focus to creating socially conscious music, aligning his art with social awareness and advocacy.

Transition to Water Safety Advocacy:

Ed’s journey into social advocacy gained momentum in 2016 with the song “Bear A Witness,” dedicated to a homeless individual. The Bear A Witness campaign was launched to encourage the general public to show an act of kindness when they came in contact with a homeless rough sleeper.

The pivotal moment came during a holiday in Barbados in 2018, where he wrote the song “A Film Called Black Can’t Swim,” sparking the creation of impactful documentaries highlighting disparities in swimming within African, Caribbean, and Asian communities.

Black Swimming Association and Film Initiatives:

Co-founding the Black Swimming Association (BSA) with Seren Jones, Danielle Obe, and Alice Dearing, Ed aimed to champion representation, diversity, and access to aquatics. The acclaimed “Blacks Can’t Swim” documentaries, produced by Ed, shed light on barriers faced by minorities in swimming, challenging societal norms, and advocating for water safety.

Podcasting and Community Engagement:

Ed’s ventures extended to podcasting with the “Why We Don’t Talk About SWIM” series, underscoring his commitment to amplifying voices and sparking dialogue on aquatic issues within minority communities. Through storytelling and community engagement, Ed strives to inspire change, address stereotypes, and encourage swimming participation among underrepresented groups.

Ongoing Initiatives and Impact:

Ed’s projects continue to make a significant impact, with global audiences engaging with his work through streaming platforms and podcast episodes. By highlighting diverse voices, fostering conversations, and promoting water safety awareness, Ed’s efforts aim to create a more inclusive and empowered aquatic community for present and future generations. Diversifying aquatics through integrating it into youth culture is an approach he strongly believes in and has been fostering since the inception of the Blacks Can’t Swim Campaign. By making it appealing and relevant to the younger generation, it has the potential to cultivate a lifelong interest in aquatic activities. This way, the efforts put into diversifying aquatics can have a lasting impact rather than being just a temporary fix like a plaster on a serious wound.
Engaging the youth can lead to a more sustainable and widespread appreciation for aquatic environments and activities. Ed Accura’s dedication to social awareness, storytelling, and advocacy has positioned him as a transformative force in both the music and aquatics spheres. Through his ongoing endeavours, Ed continues to drive impactful change, challenge perceptions, and inspire communities to embrace the importance of water safety and swimming.

Discography (Albums)

Blacks Can’t Swim REWIND –
The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack (2022)

Blacks Can’t Swim –
The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack (2021)

Ed Accura – Talk 2 Frank (2016)

Ed Accura – Return of the Social Misfit (2015)

Ed Accura – Observations a Social Misfit (2010)

Noize – Late Night at the Karma Lounge (2014)

Noize – Impressionz of a Colourful Mind (2012)

Noize – Silent Journey (2011)

617 – Circa 74 (2008)

617 – Bittersweet (2006)

617 – The Vault (2003)

Accura – No Holds Barred (1997)

Accura – Five X Five (1992)



Discography (Ed Accura Singles)

Change the Narrative (2022)

A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim (2019)

Streetlink (2018)

New Age of Thingz (2017)

Bear A Witness (2016)