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Can’t Be What You Can’t See! New Music🙈

Ed Accura, the producer behind the Blacks Can’t Swim film documentaries and co-founder of the Black Swimming Association announces the release of the new single, Can’t Be What You Can’t See, the song from the campaign of the same name highlighting the importance of role models in the lives of our youth.

In many communities, youth from underprivileged backgrounds are growing up believing that they can’t be or they just don’t belong. Without positive role models, they are fighting against the odds to succeed, and therefore easier to just give in and assume the status quo.   It’s so important to have role models and representation in media and society and to be able to look around and seek motivation, inspiration, and reflection from the success of people they can identify with.

Accura said if one person as a result of this campaign takes a turn onto the right path in life, I will deem this a huge success.

Can’t Be What You Can’t See, demonstrates the artist’s inspiration, anxiety, pain, and frustration but with a positive outlook. The song produced by Ed Accura showcases his soulful bass-heavy production blending in well with Boy Sayso’s mental-conscious lyrics and street life stories, Emarvellous inspirational flow, and the catchy chorus by Talisha Karrer. Listen here

Accura, who is also the producer behind the Blacks Can’t Swim film documentaries said, “It is true for all of us that we rely on stories, examples, leaders, and visuals that confirm who we are and what our potential is, and without these, we are unlikely to push our limits to smash those glass ceilings and be that which we cannot see.



@ed_accura is hosts the podcast 'Why We Don't Talk About SWIM', exploring why more #PeopleofColour don't swim in the #UK
And now he's making a documentary,
'Changing the Narrative':

#PoC @SRTRC_England #EDI #sport #swimming

Giving a massive shout out this afternoon to Anthony Parris 👊🏾, who first introduced us to the amazing and incredibly talented Rhianna Parris-Smith 🚴🏽‍♀️ .

Congratulations Rhianna on your recent Gold Medal. You Star ⭐️ 🥇 🚴🏽‍♀️🇬🇧

It's critical to venture off this beaten path and do something different, as doing the same thing continuously leads to the same tired outcome.

This documentary aims to Change the Narrative and bring the world of swimming directly into our homes.

Come along with us on this…


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