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Partake In The Revolutionary Journey Crowdfunder!

Join us on this revolutionary journey to produce a documentary exploring the five-year trajectory of the Blacks Can’t Swim campaign, evaluating its impact on the current status of diversity in aquatic.

By assessing progress or regress over the past five years, this documentary aims to gather valuable insights that will guide our actions and strategies for the next five years.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign to be part of this impactful initiative shaping a more inclusive future in aquatics.


Twelve months ago, I launched an in-person monthly podcast featuring a variety of guests discussing the subject, "Why We Don’t Talk About Swimming within the African, Caribbean, and Asian Communities." Based on the general response, I can confidently say it was an absolute…

Join us on Friday 7th June 2024 for the final episode of the "Why We Don't Talk About Swim" podcast season.
Emarvellous sits down with Ed Accura for an inspiring conversation about swimming, music, caring for others, and how these elements together can create a powerful recipe…

OUT NOW!! Had a great time doing this. Very insightful and exciting to see the work @ed_accura is doing in the swimming world. There is much more to come. Enjoy! 🙏🏾

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